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Dr. Eldon G. Hopkins, Orthopedic hip and knee surgeon
Eldon G. Hopkins, M.D.
Orthopedic Hip & Knee Surgeon

Dr. Eldon Hopkins is a highly qualified hip and knee surgeon with years of experience in advanced orthopedic joint replacement.


Revision Total Hip Replacement

Treat Hip Pain After Total Hip Replacement

hip pain hip revision surgeryAlthough the majority of hip replacement procedures are performed without any issues, some leave patients with severe hip pain. In these situations, Texas Hip & Knee Surgery, P.A., often recommends a revision hip replacement for patients in Frisco, TX. This is a corrective procedure that is performed in cases where the original replacement did not go as planned, but it may also be required if a patient’s body has changed, such as after aging or weight fluctuations.

Additionally, if a prosthetic hip implant has become faulty, it should be replaced. Although this is a rare occurrence, it does happen, especially in cases of older implants. Faulty implants for hip replacement can lead to pain and reduced mobility, and in some cases, they can even introduce harmful debris into the body. As a result, a faulty implant needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Benefits of a Revision Hip Replacement

  • Improved Health
  • Greater Mobility
  • Hip Pain Relief
  • More Natural Movement
  • Reduced Risk of Debris in the Body

At Texas Hip & Knee Surgery, P.A., Dr. Hopkins can evaluate your condition and educate you regarding revision replacement options. Many revision replacement procedures can be performed using minimally invasive techniques, and this leads to faster healing times and less pain.

If you’re concerned about your current hip implant, or to discuss any hip pain you’re having after a previous total hip replacement, please contact Texas Hip & Knee Surgery, PA, online today at 972-377-6600 in Frisco.

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